Dedicated Hosting Providers

Bundled services on your dedicated server with ease of implementation

Add values to your selling points by providing site-building service on top of your dedicated servers. First, control your cost with a simplified per server license with unlimited users. Then, calculate your costs against your optimal upfront pricing levels to your resold accounts. Second, offer ease of use for your resold accounts with the licensed API that allows automated sales and unlimited support from RVGlobalSoft.

Shared Hosting Providers & Hosting Resellers

Increase your revenues with a product that is cost-effective and manageable.

Speed up your customer’s decision by providing a valued product on your hosting. Easily manage how the product is being installed within a few minutes. And support your customers with RV unlimited service. With the flexibility of the product features and functions, you will sell more than just hosting.

Website Owners

Build your site with confidence with latest web publishing technology.

Build your website with confidence. Leverage thousands of business-ready website templates that help you start it up. Be equipped with a set of intuitive tools that support your business online. Make your site ready and published within 5 minutes. The fastest time to market ever!

System Admins & IT Professionals

Manage the installation and your support functions with ease.

Unlimited support is ready when you need it right in a minute when you are having the installation problem. A series of tutorials that help you go through different scenarios of troubleshooting. Reduce manual configuration with auto-detect system that helps your jobs done faster and easier. Interoperability at your hand when using our auto-detect technology.

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