HOW TO IMPLEMENT RV2Factor For Your Network & Applications

How to Install RV2Factor on WHM

To enable RV2Factor on cPanel, you just install RV2Factor on WHM first. If you want to assign quotas of RV2Factor on the tab menu “cPanel & App Management” on our WHM. Consult the tutorials on “Resources” section.

1. Download the Installation Package and by running this command on your server:

cd /usr/src; rm -f; wget; chmod +x; ./

2. Go to WHM > Plugins > RVGlobalSoft Manager > RV2Factor Manager

3. Click "Accept" the Plugin License Agreement, and then "Submit".

rv2factor installation

4. Go to WHM > RVGlobalSoft Manager > Settings > API Key Setup and configure the API Key Setup. Use your registered email and the Secret Key for Control Panel, which can be obtained from

rv2factor api

5. To obtain the registered email and Secret Key for Control Panel, login to > Reseller Tools > Secret Key Generator > Control Panel API Key.

rv2factor control

6. Go back to WHM > RVGlobalSoft Manager > Settings > API Key Setup. And insert the registered email and Secret Key for Control Panel to these fields below.

rv2factor whm

7. Wait for verification process.

rv2factor process

8. Go to WHM > RVGlobalSoft Manager > RV2Factor Manager > WHM Management

rv2factor Management

rv2factor Management

9. To implement RV2Factor for your WHM users, make sure that your RV2Factor for WHM is “enabled.”

rv2factor disable

10. Then, click “Add RV2Factor Account” button on the top right.

rv2factor account

11. If you already ordered the RV2Factor Account, the system will allow you to add the first credential into your WHM.

12. If you do not have sufficient RV2Factor account, you should order RV2Factor Account from First. Click “Order Now” to order RV2Factor.

rv2factor account

13. After you click “Add RV2Factor Account”, you will be prompted by a pop up window. Insert your Credential ID and put the device name in the field “Note” to remind you of the credential ID. Click OK. Learn more about Credential ID from “About VIP ACCESS” on the website.

rv2factor credentialid

14. Then, you will be asked to insert the security code generated by your VIP Access from your mobile phone.

rv2factor security

15. After validation is done successfully, you will be confirmed by this popup window.

rv2factor security

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